Selasa, September 14, 2010

About Semarang

Do you know Semarang? Semarang is the capital of Central Java. Actually, Semarang famous with Lawang Sewu and Tugu Muda. Not only that, but there are many places for you to be the destination wen holiday. There are some following places that you can visit:
  • Sam Poo Kong
Its located on Gedung Batu. The place isfor the Buddhist pray. The history said that long-long ago Semarang was not land, but full of ocean. Basedon myth, Laksamana heng Ho ever landing the ship in Semarang. Some people said that Cheng Ho was Moslem, but the other said cheng Ho was Buddhist. Whatever with the controversy, Sam Poo Kong was a beautiful place to visit. Sam Poo Kong has large area and few place for pray.
  • Wonderia
Wonderia is like TMII in Jakarta. But TMII larger and more complete than wonderia. In Wnderia, you cantry to play many game tools like bom-bom car, rumah hantu, kurungan burung, train, etc. The place always full and crowded when weekend. Lets enjoy the game!
  • Maron Beach
This is a new beach in Semarang. The beach was origin, but it is not like the beach in Baly. To reach the beach, you must thgrough the way full of stone. Inspite of that, the beach was beautiful.
  • Marina Beach
This is the sham beach in Semarang. You can enjoy the scenery. Marina beach was not far with Maron. Beside the beach, you can enjoy in swimming pool and other facilities like Maerokoco-the miniature of Central Java. To reach the Marina, you can go by car or motorcycle.
  • Mangkang Zoo
Its located in front of the new terminal in Searang. Its in border between Semarang and Kendal. There are many animal collection to view. The place was large and col. And easy to reach the zoo.
  • Ungaran Mountain
This is the one mountain that Semarang have. The mountain unactive and was not dangerous, so it’s the right place for climber to climb the mountain. The scenery surround the mountain was beautiful. The weather around that was cold. In Ungaran mountain also found Gedongsongo temple.

  • Gedongsongo Temple
It’s the famous place to visited. Based on the name, in there found nine temple. To rech one temple to other, you must walk very far and up because the temple was in plateau.

  • Bandungan
Bandungan was like Puncak-West Java. In there, you can find the hotel, horse, flower seller, and absoloutely special food seller too. The weather was cool but still interesting to visit. The place always crowded when holiday and weekend.
  • Old City
The area waslocated in downstairs Semarang. The weather was hot. In rainy days, sometimes the place touched of flood. Old city-like the name, have an old building, remaining colonize. For example Blenduk church, Koperasi Batik, etc.
  • Ronggowarsito Museum
Its one place to learn the history. In Ronggowarsito, you can find the remaining tool colonize, etc. It’s the right place to more know about what happened in past.
*Sorce: All photos from the net

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