Minggu, November 04, 2012

Beautiful Indonesia

Indonesia have many potential to be developed. All people in the world should visited Indonesia to prove this statement! Tourism in Indonesia is so wonderful and amazing. We shouldn’t going abroad to see the miracle in another country. Indonesia already have it.

There are many tourism that government didn’t care about it. They don’t do intensive activities like promotion and offer facilities that could get it. Not only government but also the society in Indonesia. We can see many people proud after visited tourism abroad, they published their photos, told the unique food, tradition which different with us.

Indonesia also have it. So many ethnic group, many tradition, believes, foods, historied building, language in different province. We could share this uniqueness to other people in the world and make them visited Indonesia like in uncover destination. We also know that tourist only know Bali when they heard Indonesia. Indonesia with richness destination of tourism should be explored by everyone. They must be supported by citizen, government, stakeholder, media, and also we should recommended this in every way.

Another side of country with terrorism issue and disaster area should be interested thing we could promote to everyone. Indonesia is beautiful with their each uniqueness.

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